Plenty of things to be thankful...

As 2007 bids farewell, I wanna say thank you to all the blessing that I got this year and thank you to those people who made 2007 a year to remember. I just hope that everyone stays positive towards the new year... let's leave our disappointments and angst behind and embrace the promise of a new year, a new life, a new beginning. I'm thankful that I still have a job, a roof above my head, a warm bed when I need to rest, a loving family, an equally loving friends supporting me, and a partner that's always there for me!

Let's strive to get to where we really want to be and stop blaming others for our shortcomings! Let's move forward and stop pulling other people down! Let's leave our garbage behind... though it's gonna be difficult we have to. Let's be stronger, wiser, and be ready to be hailed!

Happy New Year everyone!

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