My Grown-up Christmas Wish

Christmas used to be a very big thing for me and my family back then. Although we didn't have enough to celebrate with; we would always find a way to be together the moment the clock strikes 12. My parent would try to make both ends meet just to make sure that we have something on the table. A luxury that all of us look forward to in hopes that the next year would be better.

I even remember asking my mom why we didn't have a big nice Christmas tree like those of my friends; To which she would reply "we just can't afford one". She would then go and get our old Christmas tree which we've been using for the last 5 years or so. That was my wish when I was younger... to have a nice Christmas tree. That served as my inspiration... at a tender age I would constantly remind myself that I have to study hard and get a good paying job so I could provide for my family. I used to think that if I have money Christmas would be alot better.

Twenty years or so after... here I am wishing that I could go back in time and experience Christmas all over again. Now, buying a Christmas tree is just a swipe away with my credit card and "Noche Buena" meant a trip to the nearest restaurant... I wish I could celebrate Christmas as a child.

This Christmas, like the past 5 or so in the past, I won't be with my family. Although I am gonna get them gifts this Christmas, I learned that material gifts ain't as important as being with them during this time of the year.

For my Dad, I wish him strenght and patience. Although we don't really talk that much I know that he cares for us and that he only wants the best for the family.

For my Mom, I wish her health and wisdom. She's been very supportive and have a good role model for me and my sisters. I promise to take good care of you and give you a life that you truly deserve.

For Rose my younger sister, I wish you happiness and confidence in yourself. You've been the quiet one in the family. I'm sorry if I wasn't always there when you needed me but I promise to make it up to you.

For Grace our "bunso", I am so proud of you and I wish you all the best in your career and hope that you would continue to take good care of mom and dad whenever I'm not there.

To my Bebi, I wish we stay strong thru out any hurdles that may come our way. Thank you for accepting me for who I am and for understanding me.

To my friends, thank you for everything and I hope that you will remain a part of my life forever!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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