Goodbye Team Maffy2

Something I emailed my team before we separate ways... :(

To Team Maffy 2,

I just realized it’s our last night together as a team… It’s always hard to say goodbye that’s why I won’t!

It’s been a rollercoaster ride with every twists and turns proving to be educational for all of us. We’ve learned how to cope with the challenges of our work as well as deal with our problems as a team . We’ve learned that we don’t always agree on everything but we’ve learned how to compromise. Things will definitely be different, but hey change is a fact of life! I wish you all goodluck and hope that you continue to improve and be the next top performers of your new teams. To those who are gonna be moving to the same team where I will be transferring (swerte nyo!), let’s keep that Team Maffy spirit alive!

Good luck everyone… see you on the floor!

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