Party after so long...

Ok... so I wasn't really planning of going out last Saturday but then again...

After Cafe Bola we went and watched Resident Evil and decided to party. Thanks to our new "Kabarkada" Kris who's one of the promoters of Warehouse 135 we got in as VIPs. No need to line up! Hahaha! Thank Kris!

Things are starting to get better. After a few bumps and problems in the past... things are starting to settle. I'll be going to BORACAY on the 19th after some persuation my boss said YES! Yeeepeeee!

Got the tickets today and I'm so excited. Will post more info on my next entry.

Here are some pics from the party with Scarlet of the defunct "Put3ska Band". (Don't know if I spelled that right)







Anonymous said...

wow! looks like you're having a blast, hehehe...

Wala lang po. I can't see the pictures po, kainis kasi firewall dito sa Chase :'(

Enjoy po sa Boracay ;-)

- lucien

Ayan said...

weekends are back! well kris is great. we got a cheap rate sa airfare and accomodation because of him. :) dami kasi sya kilala.

i'll be going to the new place to take pictures. :) might move out sa 15th.

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