Gee! I realized it’s been ages since I last logged on and posted anything on this blog. Thanks to my fans who’s been messaging me asking what I’ve been up to lately. Last time I count there were 5 of you guys! Hahaha! That many huh?

Kidding aside, I’ve been very busy again as always with my work and my friends. I would have posted more if the office didn’t block my multiply account! I guess IT discovered that everyone on the floor has been accessing the site and that it’s starting to annoy them or maybe they’re just jealous because we’re not as geeky as them hiding in that bat cave! Hahaha!

Ok so where do I start?

My weekends are usually busy… I was talking with my friend about how I look forward to my weekends. I feel alive and in control of my life during this two day break I get from work. Not that I hate my job… It does pay the bills and support my lifestyle but if I had a choice or if I was born rich I would rather travel around the world and enjoy every freaking day of my life.

Back to reality…

I’m doing this project for Dell now and it’s a very exciting one… I won’t discuss it here cause it might just bore you but I’m happy that my efforts are being recognized by the management although sometimes I’d rather sit on my chair and enjoy listening to my fave music on my mp4.

Last Tuesday morning was crazy… It was raining the whole day last Monday and I thought I won’t be able to make it to work… but I did. I woke up late though… didn’t hear my alarm. Well I told myself shit happens but it doesn’t mean I should feel bad. The morning after that I had a really hard time going back home to Makati. To think that it takes me 15 minutes to get to Mall of Asia from my condo by car / cab and it took me 2 hours to get home. I had fun the whole time though cause I get to experience something I don’t get to experience a lot and that was fighting for a ride home. I was with my co-workers that time so waiting wasn’t as bad. I was telling them to look at it in a positive way… at least we’re already on our way home unlike these people who are rushing to get to work. I can already smell that nice warm glass or milk and I can feel that warm bed waiting for me. Hehehe! It was kinda weird though to think that even Makati also have flood problems in some areas. I’ll leave that to the politicians… don’t wanna think about the negative stuff right now. All I know is that I’m happy with my life now and I know that things are just gonna get even better! What more can I ask for? I have nice friends, a nice place, a nice career, a new and flourishing love life… I guess some people can have it all...


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Anonymous said...

Flourishing lovelife? Hehehe :-)

Miss mo ko? :-D

Wala akong account dito kaya anonymous ako, hahaha!

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