A day in the spa

Lucien at the Spa

Lucien enjoying our SPA day!

After gym Lucien and I decided to go to our favorite snack place "TAPA KING". We both got Grilled Chicken with Green Salad with Honey Mustard Sauce for him and Vinegrette for me... Too bad I forgot to take pictures. I guess we were both hungry.

When we finished we ate BTIC Frozen Yogurt... Yummy! We then headed back to the condo and saw my cuz Raven who wasn't feeling good. Got some meds for him and decided to check out the spa downstairs. Hehehe! Got ourselves pampered before going to work tonight. We left the spa stress free and a bit sleepy.

I wish everyday is a spa day!


Anonymous said...

Ayan! Lucien po to... I lost my phone, wala na ako nung numbers mo... *sob*... Sorry kung hindi ako naka reply sa mga text mo tonight, I'll borrow money from Ryan muna para makabili ng kapalit...

Ingat lagi

Ayan said...

that's why. are you ok? what happened? anyway i tried calling ryan. he has my number na. just get it from him. i used to have a spare phone pero nasa mom ko na e.

Anonymous said...

Ayan! I have a new phone na, paki text ako, I'll probably get the message morning na pagnaactivate na Sun Sim ko. hehehe

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