Saturday Dinner at Ben's

Dinner at Ben's



Chicken Curry

Last Saturday night was the bomb! Faby and Zac whipped up a nice culinary masterpiece for everyone to enjoy. In attendance was the owner of the house ofcourse Ben Hernandez, The chef Zac and Faby, Cousin Gerard, Cousin Raven, John, Victor, Lucien, Raymond and me.

Dinner was great and the fact that I'm surrounded by friends made it even better.

Nice to know that everything is falling into place for all of us.

Gerard, with his professional and love life...

Raven, with his zest for life and a growing career...

Faby, with her millions in a month's time...

Raymond, who's busy with his upcoming album...

Ben, with his millions and multi-national company!

Zac, with his new job at Crowne Plaza.

With how things are going, there's really no stopping us. Cheers to our next adventure guys. More travels, love, money, and parties!

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