I'm back to work!

Been out of the office for a few days... lately I've been suffering from lower back pains, lack of sleep, and recurring headaches. My doctor said I have to take it easy and advised that I take a break from work.

Had my X-ray of the Lumbo Sacral Spine last Friday and will be back to the hospital to check the results tomorrow. Being at home was a welcome thing for me since I was able to spend more time with my family and do attend to domestic stuff. It's kinda boring though because I can't go out and have turned down invites from my friends to go out since I really need to rest and take it easy or else.

It's nice to be back but I might need to file a leave again depending on the result of the X-ray. My doctor said I might need to undergo PT for next couple of days. I guess I needed this as well. Lately I've been pushing back on my vacation because of work... until now.

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