Alot has happened this week... not to me but to the people around me. My 3 of my co-workers left the company last Wednesday. Three of my closests friends in the company were given a severance package due to redundancy of work. There has been alot of changes in the company and the management had to make the difficult decision to let go of those who they think no longer fits the work requirement of the company. To be honest I didn't really feel sad for them, I actually felt happy for them since they have been under tremendous stress over the past few weeks after not being able to make the cut to the new program that the management wanted us to be a part of. I was lucky enough as well as the majority of the group to have passed the toll gates required for the new program. But am I happy? To be honest I wish I didn't pass the exams... I wish I was given the option to leave the company instead of them. Recently I've been thinking of my career and where my life is going. I've been thinking what my life would be elsewhere and if what I have now is something that I would want to keep on doing. I've been considering the possibility of working back in the Cruise industry... probably under the IT department or back to the Entertainment Department. Singapore, Dubai, and South Africa are my options but up to now I'm still thinking if I should leave the country or stay here and probably switch to a totally different career... something more fulfilling.

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