Under a different sky (Part 1)

He asked to see me again...five years after that last goodbye...

It was already 12 midnight and I was on my way home from Makati. Work’s been keeping me busy… keeping me occupied just to get over him. In between his sips of cappuccino, we updated each other… He told me about how happy he is with his life and how his plans are starting to take form. Plans we both made when we decided to make it official.

It’s been five years… He’s already the Director of this big IT company in Alabang and has been traveling the globe attending countless expositions and conferences. I on the other hand is busy with managing a team of Sales Executives in a big Real Estate Firm in Makati. Life has been good for the both of us but I was shy to admit that up until now I am still looking for that elusive true love. It was hard to admit to him that I still love him even after all those years. He told me I didn’t change and that I still look like the same person since the last time we talked. I would have just cut his statement and just grab him and give him a kiss but I had to control my emotions… I just smiled and thanked him.

"So how are you?" he asked, "Do you still go to that place in Tomas? Remember that bar we discovered while we were driving around that area bored out of our minds?"

I smiled at him and leaned back on my chair. He never aged... He looked like the same guy I fell in love with. Black hair neatly combed. Only thing that changed is his complexion... I see he’s been going to the beach a lot. He still has those Almond brown eyes that disappear every time he laughs. Blame it to him being half-Chinese.

The only thing different is back then we were both mending from the hurt of a break-up. We found ourselves falling for each other in the midst of all the pain and all the confusion.

“Hey you ok?”, he asked with those comforting eyes. I wanted to shout and tell him how stupid he is! Why did you have to leave? Where did we go wrong? Stuff I opted to keep to myself. “I’m good… just tired from work.”

To be continued...

Hope you liked my first attempt into writing a short story. Comments are welcome.

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