Multiply Inbox always full?

This is for Multiply Users...

Do you always gets PM (Private Messages) in your Inbox? This happens when a Multiply User sends a message to a group and someone replies to that message. I know some people don't mind getting this message but some people find it annoying (specially if more than 100 users reply to the same message)

Here's how to solve this problem:

Multiply has a feature where you can remove unwanted personal messages in your Inbox.

1. Go to Inbox
2. Click Preferences (It's on the upper right beside RSS and just above the Groups tab)
3. You will be taken to the Inbox settings.
4. Put a check mark on Show "Subscribe," "Pin," and "Remove" links.
5. Click OK.

The next time you go to your Inbox you will notice that there will be three small gray icons on the bottom right side of each messages. You can click the X mark to remove this message and for you not to receive a notification everytime somebody replies to that message.

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