My new camera - Pentax Optio M50

I finally got myself a new camera... Been thinking about getting one for the longest time but since I'm a tightwad I was postponing it until now.

I was looking around at so many shops for the past two or three weeks trying to check the best camera for my money.

I was thinking of getting the Olympus Stylus 790 S that promises to be shock and water proof but Php 19K to as much as 20K is not practical for me though I know Olympus cameras take good quality pictures.

Then I found this other camera the GE G2. GE G2's very light and thin! It's cheaper at Php11K but my concern is there's is no service center here in the Philippines... none yet as what the sales lady told me plus GE's kinda new in the Digital Camera Industry.

I then checked out this Casio Exilim Z80 which is cheap at Php10K but when I checked the quality of pictures it takes... well let's just say I was disappointed. The colors are not right. The picture gets pixelated when you zoom it among other things.

I was starting to lose hope until I found this camera that is not too expensive yet takes good pictures like my old Kodak camera... (didn't buy Kodak because it's too expensive though the quality is really good) I found the Pentax Optio M50.

I remember my younger sister buying a Pentax SLR camera for her project when she was in college. She was taking up Advertising back then and had this photography class... Oooh I envy her! Anyway I decided to go with my gut feel and bought this cam and I must say... this is really a good camera! Will post pics soon. :)

  • 8.0 megapixel CCD assures high resolution images
  • 5X optical zoom contained in a compact, lightweight body
  • Evolved Face Recognition includes “Smile Capture” mode to automatically capture smiling faces
  • Digital Shake Reduction automatically selects higher ISO, up to 6400, for blur free images
  • 2.5 inch, wide view (approx. 170 degrees) LCD makes capturing and reviewing images easy
  • Panorama mode automatically stitches a series of three images into one wide scene

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