The Lookout - A Review

What would you do if you wake up one day and you realize that things changed so much around you?

What if simple things like remembering stuff you did this morning... knowing how to cook pasta... Even remembering how to use a can opener becomes a tedious job.

What if you can't stop yourself from saying things? I mean ordinary people usually think first before they say anything. Especially things you say on a first date or a first meeting.

The Lookout starts with big man on campus/hockey star Chris Pratt’s driving his girl, his best friend, and his best friend’s date to a high school party when a horrific accident destroys the lives of all four of the high school friends. Two perish in the accident and Chris, the driver who was at fault, is left a shell of his former self. Flash-forward four years from the accident and Chris is no longer the stud everyone looked up to in school. He can’t remember things without writing them down – including the simplest tasks. His days consist of going to rehab to learn life skills and his nights are spent working as a janitor at a local bank. And instead of coming home to a hot young thing every night, Chris is living with a sharp-witted blind man (Daniels) who’s better equipped at handling life than he is.


Definitely a must see movie... makes you treasure what you have right now even if it's just as simple and seems worthless. The movie is well written with alot of touching scenes that will move you and inspire you to make things better for yourself.

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