Updated Life list for 2008

To those who's been reading my blog, you might still remember me posting a life list a few months back and I think it's time to have it updated as the year starts.

Bought myself a laptop... still using the old iMac at home though

- Get a leaner and more toned and defined body (still working on this one!)
- Get that job abroad either Airline / Cruise (I'm not so sure about this anymore)

Within the next quarter:
- Get 6-pack abs

Within a year or two:
- Buy a car for my family (moving from within the next quarter to within a year or two)

Long Term (a.k.a "I wish" or "probably not in this lifetime") Goals:
- Buy a nice place for my family or have our old house renovated
- Get to travel the world and learn their culture (Going to plot my leaves early this year)
- Open a business thru the help of my friends... probably somewhere in the line of Travel , Food, or Services (Working on this one now)

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