Old Emails

By now my eyes are so tired I wanna lie on my airbed and sleep but I figured I'd post this before I hit the sack.

I was cleaning up my email since it's been a while since I sorted out my emails... and if you're a Gmail user like me you probably would have hundreds of emails as well. Funny thing is that I even have emails still in my inbox dating as far as 2005. It's like going back in time and thinking of all those people who emailed you and you replied back to... old friends, co-workers, relatives, EX's, modeling contacts, and alot more.

I didn't get to finish everything since I don't have time right now but I promise I'll do this within the month. I even thought of emailing a few friends here and there without changing the body of the email... hehehe! Just gonna check up on them to see how they are doing.

One thing is for sure though... alot have changed and that's how life is.

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