Lala my favorite Cousin!

My cousins from the states are here since last week and I finally had the chance to meet up with them the other day. They started a business in Makati... it's a BPO company and I'm so proud of them! I had the chance to chat with my favorite cousin Lala... she's my favorite maybe because we're almost the same age and we have so many things in common. Anyway we had this chat about the Philippines and her frustrations with the Filipinos in general and how things are done here. Being someone born and raised in this country I have observe and also experienced what she was telling me. She told me that if the Filipinos would just clean their mess up and start doing things the proper way then things would definitely be alot better instead of complaining abou the goverment being corrupt and just leaving it all up to the people in power to make the move. We both decided that starting that day we will no longer complain about this country but instead will list down things that we can do as Filipinos so help our country. For sure I will still be complaining coz that's the normal reaction of people when they get frustrated about something but I will now try to do something about it so that I can help out in fixing that problem even in my small way.

I will post my list once I'm done. :) Maybe one would be to run for President! Hahaha!

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