Church's Chicken

Yesterday I got to work a bit too early and decided to get something to eat. I came across this fast food joint called Church's Chicken and decided to give it a try rather than going to McDonald's again. Hehehe!

The place is deserted! Ok, I'm thinking twice now if I should buy here. Then again I wanted to see what they can offer. I ordered for their chicken and mashed potato meal since I wanna know if their chicken is any good. (Hope they live up to their name!) :)

Anyway, I liked their chicken but the service kinda sucks... They're just too slow and the girl at the counter doesn't seem to mind seeing their customers waiting. Well I guess that's why not too many people are eating there.

Church's Chicken3

Church's Chicken1

Church's Chicken2


norman said...

Your food pics make me hungry. =)

Ayan said...

Hehehe! I love eating as you can see. :)

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