Happy 27th Bday to me!

Thanks to those who texted, emailed, and left messages on my friendster and multiply accounts. Didn't want to tell anyone about my birthday not until now.

I was surpirsed to hear from people I wasn't really expecting to greet me. Hehehe! Well it's an ordinary day for me... Walk up today with a smile on my face! Got 50 messages from friends and family hehehe!

I'm here in the office though but getting ready to leave. :) Can't wait to sleep! Gonna rest early and probably go to the gym today. Can't let my age show! Hahaha!

Just woke up 4

Just woke up 2

Just woke up


tiggahtigz said...

happy birthday :) Have a good one!

Ayan said...

hey tigga! thanks for dropping by.

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