Who would be the next American Idol?

Those of you who've been watching American Idol Season 7 wouldn't be surprised that these two guys are left to fight for the title. Early in the game I really loved David Archuleta's voice and stage presence... David Cook on the other hand didn't get my attention until later in the game when he started showing off his originality on stage and his charm. Cook definitely improved so much compared to his first few performances. He also lost weight and now looks like a star. Archuleta on the other hand started really strong and is still has a strong chance to win this game but he has to show something new to impress America. He did try something different last week when he sang "With You" but people got so used to hearing him sing ballads that's why when he sang the song it came across as him trying something that is not for him. I'm really not sure who will win this year... I guess we have to wait until they sing this year's song. Remember Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis? Everyone thought it would be Blake but when Jordin sang "This is my now", it totally changed everything. Who do you think will win?

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