Why is it hard to say GOODBYE?!?!?!?!

It's been one hell of a crazy week! Things have changed so much in such a short time. Changes that made me think of my priorities. I'm not gonna go thru the details but basically it all boils down to one thing. People change either we like it or not. People change because they have to or they are forced to by certain situations. We say goodbye to people or to stuff we got so used to because we need to grow up!

I realized that in this world, where we are no longer bounded by space and time with advancements in technology, we still tend to let go of people we love.

I miss my old friends... In fact I miss them so much that I wish we could all hangout together again like what we used to. I still have most of their numbers on my phone until now (explains why I have almost a thousand entries). Even those who I haven't heard from for ages!

I said goodbye to some folks in the office the other day. There was a brief moment of sadness at the office when 2 of my teammates and 2 others from the other team expressed their plans to resign. We all have our reasons and I respect their decision. I guess the only thing that I can do is to wish them good luck. They will surely be missed!

Also the other day, I had a long discussion with a friend asking for my opinion either to do what he thinks is right or do what he feels is right. I really had a hard time answering that question since I don't think anyone would be in a position to answer that question. I just told him to follow his heart for at the end of the day... what's important is to have the balls to face life and it's challenges head on! Ey! We only live once!

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