True Friends

I've always wondered if I would meet a perfect friend who would grow old with me. I have alot of friends... some I don't even thought would be my friend to begin with. The sad thing is that friends do come and go...

I remember this friend from elementary who I was so close to we would spend time together at his place or my place playing video games the whole day and would go to the mall and play arcade... I was really into those shit when I was younger. Then we just stopped seeing each other when we both went to college. I miss Alex... we used to talk on the phone even when we were both in college. We never got to see each other though cause I had to move out of my parents place and live alone.

Then came Gladys... my dance revo partner! Gladys is a very sweet girl who always have a smile on her face and would always find positive things in even the most depressing moments of our college life. Hmmm... I miss going to the ICT Center... I miss the guys I worked with... mostly students working as part-time programmers and analysts like me way back. I never saw Gladys again though we still message each other thru Friendster. I guess we both got busy with our jobs and that time my interests were starting to change.

Then I met Vince... one really funny guy who can't seem to get thru life without a partner. He's like someone who has to have a lover... funny but he always get to find one. Though I kept on reminding him not to trust easily as he gets hurt easily. We still exchange messages once in a while but things are not the same. I guess he's also busy with his work now doing events.

Then came Uma and his sister Rose. I remember walking in that room back in Elan Models International @ Mile Long Building for an audition in Makati and seeing them on the couch talking in Hebrew. I remember even asking if they were talking in French. I never thought that Hebrew would be common to my ear after a while. We clicked and from then we're inseparable. Then Uma had to go inside the famous house and I had to leave for Singapore. I remember having coffee for the last time before I left thinking for the best for both of us... I really thought I wouldn't see them again... then I came back and we decided to live in one house... which was one of the happiest moments in my life being with friends 24hrs a day 7 days a week. I had to move out eventually and they also had to move... we still talk every now and then but again it ain't the same. I met so many friends in the cruise Ryan, JD, Herel and all the cruise staff they were all very friendly as well as my bosses but I knew they have their own lives back home like me... I wonder how they are doing? Well JD is leaving for London and Ryan... well he's still here contemplating on what to do next with his life.

Now I have a new set of friends... stronger and I guess wiser friends... I have Lucien, Gerard, Fabi, Kris, Patty, and Jen who I seem to be spending most of my time with. I guess there's no such friend who would really stick with you from start to end but they would still remain your friends but in a different level. Some would inspire you... some would stay just for the ride... some would be your friend for the time being just to teach you a lesson or two in life and would end up as your enemies... but there would always be friends who would be there thru thick and thin. I am happy that I have alot of real friends... I'm rich! I know I am... not monetary but love from my friends. Thank you to my friends from way back and to my new friends.

To answer my own question... I guess there's no such thing as a perfect friend but a friend who can compliment you and fill in for what your other friends lack.

OK this post is getting too long... sorry I'm just bored thinking out loud.

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