What the fuck?

It's been 3 weeks or more now since I left the shit hole I found myself in after moving in with the cockroach! Guess what? I'm loving every second of it! Finally I can breathe fresh air again and enjoy my life free from all his lies and deception!

Even my cousin and formet housemate Raven who still thinks he can still change had to reconsider after what he did to both of us... thinking that he can destroy our friendship with his pathetic lies. Wake up roach! We're not born yesterday and don't ever think that we are as dumb as you are with that small f*cking brain you have!

Even our close friends Gerard, Ben, Lucki, Fab and Zac had their own experience of his never ending lies! Well things do end and things are gonna be better for all of us except you! So PATRICK ENRIQUEZ, you can go and jump off a bridge and you know what? Nobody would even care!

This goes out as a warning to everyone out there if you know a certain specie by the name of Patrick Enriquez, I suggest you run as far away from him as possible. Just wanna save you from the hassle of dealing with a loser like him.

From what I heard, not that I'm interested... he's staying now at Citiland Megaplaza... Be afraid... be very afraid!


your not so ordinary individual, living a not so extraordinary life... =P said...

yikes... so it went to this pala... im sure you guys are happier now =) hi to your cousins!!! =P

Ayan said...


diva said...

haha! thanks for the warning! =)

Anonymous said...

Excuse my curiosity, what does p. enriquez look like? any pics?

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