Hot Summer 2007!!!

On the boat


Me, Raven and Ryan


Party at the beach


Snorkling Anyone?

Raven and Ryan - I'm at the far end snorkling

The water

This is the life

The shades

Halo-halo my fave

Relaxing in the sand

Ryan Thinking?

Smoke Break 2


Had so much fun with my friends / cousins Raven and Ryan during the weekend... we went to the beach and had so much fun together. I had to leave the office really early and meet up with them and by 5 we were walking along the beach enjoying the sun!

It was a fun experience for all of us since it's the first time that we get to go to the beach together. We went to the bars at night collected stones along the beach at day and had a blast snorkling and swimming.

The crowd was great and friendly. People would come up to us and ask for a picture with them and there was this lady who ask for our autographs thinking that we were celebs from manila! Hahaha! I loved our cottage and the people who took care of us while were there! I wish I could stay longer but I have to go back and face the real world but definitely I will be back! Anyway Summer is still not over!


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