I don't like Fitness First anymore

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I really had a bad experience tonight here in Fitness First Greenhills (I got so pissed I'm typing this now to vent out my frustrations) and I'm wondering if I made the right decision of signing up in Fitness First to begin with.

After being a member of Fitness First for the longest time this is the first time I really had such a bad experience. Tonight I had a problem with my locker. The key to the locker broke while I was trying to open my locker. For some reason the locker was defective and the maintenance people and the management told me that I would have to pay for the defective key for the main reason that it got broken while I was using it. Hello!!! Is it my fault that the locker was defective? I told them I shouldn't be paying for something that is already broken to begin with and that they should even apologize to me because of the inconvenience this caused me. Anyway I had to transfer my things to another locker and guess what that locker also has problems so I had to transfer again all my things and the next locker was also defective. To cut the story short I just told them I'd just pay for it but it really made me think of cancelling my account with them.

I feel sorry for Fitness First to think that it's members are paying 2300 to 2500 a month and yet they don't take good care of their clients. I don' t think I would stay with Fitness First anymore... it's really not worth my money.

I just wanna say that Fitness First may have the best equipments but their customer service people are the worst!

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