Eleksyon 2010

First ever automated election in the Philippines... was there 630 AM. I feel so fortunate because my Voting Precinct is located inside an exclusive village and has a good air-conditioning system unlike the ones being flash on TV.

There was roughly 10 people waiting to vote when I got there. I was a bit excited and bored... 5 minutes after 7AM the BEI announced that we will start.

The steps were pretty simple... though it would have been easier if they have a definite system in place and it's clearly stated on a piece of paper and posted outside or inside the precint.

They had me check and locate my name on the list and had me remember my number on the list. Then they had me sign this paper with my super old photo when I registered back in 2003 I think. Then they gave me a sample ballot and the actual ballot and I stated shading away (the ovals are too small though) and after I walked to the PICOS machine and there goes my vote... oh they had me put my thumb mark on the same list and they put indelible ink on my finger.

Location: Acropolis Clubhouse, QC

(Photos Taken from the BlackBerry)

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