Learning how to drive

Some people might be surprised to find out that I don't know how to drive... not until last two weeks ago. I never really found the need to learn until this year when I realized that I really have to learn how to drive and buy a car of my own. First thing's first though... I have to get the skills and learn how to drive. Early this month I decided to get my Student Permit and enroll at Honda Kalookan Driving School. The lesson lasts for 10 hours but I decided to divide it into 5 sessions every Saturday during my off from work. I finished my 2nd session and I must say I really enjoy the freedom of being one with the car and I guess it comes also with maturity and the eagerness to learn. Hopefully I get my license before this year ends and I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully I get to save enough money to buy my own car early next year.

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