My first ever visit to Vietnam

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At first I didn't like Vietnam that much because it's a little dirty compared to the other places I've been but after seeing some nice places around the city of Saigon I started to like it... not because of the place itself but the people. They remind me so much of the Filipinos. They're always smiling and they're very friendly. I enjoyed shopping at Ben Tah Market I don't know if I spelled it right. Anyway we also saw the well knowned Saigon River and some boat people. It's also very cheap here... and for some you don't need to change your money cause they accept US Dollars. Anyway another thing that I noticed is that the people are so friendly even in the streets. Our cab driver is crazy as in crazy but people don't seem to mind. Anyway I'll be back next week in Vietnam and I'm really looking forward to it. :)

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